Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old is NEW again

Awhile ago when my sister-in-law got engaged, one thing was certain, she wanted to use part of her mom's veil. Somehow incorporate pieces of it into her special day. I thought this was glorious.

Then I realized she was asking me to help. Sure. Sure. Sure. Then the nerves sit in. I think I asked at least 3x's if she was certain what she wanted, considering I was about to take scissors to almost a 40 year old veil. The answer was always the same. YES.

I decided if I was going to be able to do this, I need to set one week of my time aside to focus on this. A whole week...ha, that's a lot of time in my world.

So there I sat armed with a glass of wine, a pair of sharp scissors and this veil, floor length, lots of tulle, and lace sewn from one side to the other. The first cut ::gasp:: is the hardest.

This wasn't normal lace, you know like something you'd see these days. There were gaps, and holes, with it's pattern, made it very difficult and painful to try to hot glue these together. I'm pretty sure I have no finger print left on my pointer finger.

Nerves, hot glue pain, NO idea what design to go with. So worth it, so so so worth it.

Design 1...

Design 2....

& The final  (and my favorite) Design 3...

I got the opportunity to go with the bride to see which one she picked with her final fitting of her wedding dress. I couldn't of matched the design to her dress more if I tried. I'm not going to reveal which one she went with. You'll just have to stay tuned for her special day in April to see it on the bride herself.

I'm so excited how all of them turned out, and have now been inspired to try some more fabric jewelry designs. Thanks Erin, it was a pleasure, and thanks for the opportunity to push myself in a new creative way!

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