Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Before you say 'I Do'

I don't know many people that can say they've known one of their clients their entire life. I'm sure as a child I annoyed her and my sister more then I'd like to admit. BUT as we've grown, if I ponder here long enough, I can probably come up with some stories that our parents would frown upon. HA!

I've seen Karen over the years grow as a woman, a mom, sister and a friend. She's such a beautiful person inside and out, so naturally I was overjoyed when she contacted me to help her and Ryan with wedding items. First up...PICTURES!!!  

Ryan....what a cutie. If he's reading this...I bet he smiles quietly and simply just by my comment. Can't you just feel the love between these two? I want to pinch them!!!

Here's where the fun starts. Karen presented me with a challenge. Well not so much challenge, but project. She explained to me, not only did she need engagement photos of her and Ryan, but she also wanted to include her three beauties...her kids. "Cause after all...Ryan isn't just marrying me...he is marrying all of us" said Karen. AND oh so true.

Despite cold temps, freezing fingers, cloudy skies, runny noses, and rain... like troopers we laughed our way through the pictures that turned out adorable, and this session was simply a pleasure to do.

Karen your family is so precious and Ryan you're one lucky fellow. I can't wait to join your family and friends when you say 'I DO' in September. It's going to be a beautiful event, and thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you.

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