Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hey there blue eyes

I don't know what I loved more about Mr. Colton, his baby blues, or that he didn't want to smile at all for me. PERIOD. Babies make you work that much harder to capture that perfect shot. It pushes me, it drives me as a photographer. I don't think we thank them enough :)

Every time I would hold the camera to my face, his mouth would open. He would garble some sounds, as if he was trying to get through to me with his sweet words. I could of sat and talked to that little guy for hours. Such a sweetheart.

AT LAST...literally my VERY. LAST. PICTURE. Daddy got him to squeal. LOVE IT!!!

Holly & Jim, your boy is gorgeous. It was lovely having the opportunity to capture some photos of Colton. Thanks again! 

Sweet Baby G.

I had a lovely opportunity to capture pictures of Baby G. Not only just a few hours after he was welcomed into this this world, but also a week later in his home. It's amazing how quickly they change in just a few days.

What can I say. He is uniquely beautiful. With his detailed features. I just love when little baby boys look like little old men. So full of personality at just the ripe age of 7 days. Hope mommy is prepared to fight the girls off, cause he's a looker!

There's so much love for this little guy. Mom and Dad, quickly fell into their rolls of perfect parents. 

And look at that, BABY G. already knows how to flex those muscles. Impressive little guy!

I can't wait to watch this adorable cutie grow into a little man. BIG Thanks to the H. Family for allowing me to capture some memories of your precious family! It was a pleasure! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

I hear family wedding bells.

It's very hard to wrap my head around the idea of my sister-in-law getting married. When I first started dating her brother...she was 9...NINE YEARS OLD. And come April she'll be on her way to becoming a beautiful bride/wife.

I feel old. Yuck.

I remember it like yesterday, trying to play the "cool" girlfriend, because I always wanted a little sister SOOO BAD. 10 Years and some odd months ago I married her brother. And now...I'm designing Erin's wedding shower invites.

Time. Goes. WAY TOO FAST!!!

I love, correction, was honored to be able to design both of Erin's wedding shower invites. We are a part of a large family. I don't know that one location could house all the woman that make up both her mom and dad's sides....there's oh so many of them. It would be one heck of a party, anyways...moving on.

With having 2 completely different showers, as an artist I was overly ecstatic that I was able to run with 2 completely different looks. Ahhhhhhh a designers DREAM!!!

For shower invite 1...we went with simple, yet elegant.

AND..shower invite 2...I was excited to be able to incorporate one of Erin & Steve's engagement photos in the design, along with beauty and a THEME - hearts and lots of LOVE.

Both unique and equally a joy to design.

Stay tuned for closer to April, for the revealing of Erin's Wedding Program I'm working on. And hopefully by then, I will have gotten over the fact that she's not a kid anymore. BUT I'm not making any promises! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mirrors reflect, and so shall I

This time last year, I looked fear in the face, giggled, and started my own business.

Well rewind a bit....FIRST, I physically took pen to paper and made a list of what I had to offer others as an artist, and with what I had to offer, could I actually make money off this. And then took that list, ripped it up and rewrote it like a dozen more times.

Next...I told myself I was crazy, laughed and realized that was a good thing. Or at least I've been told.

We are unique creatures, and our worst critics, I can surely attest to that. If you are TRULY an artist, you learn to grow, perfect your craft, force yourself to find that next piece of inspiration. Many have given up on their journey, it's not for the faint at heart. But with the love and support of my husband, family and friends, I jumped and probably giggled a little more.

2011 was a great beginning to a lovely journey. I've met some beautiful people, that have allowed me to come into their lives, and capture memories, and I am eternally grateful.

With all that said, I'd like to photographically reflect with some of my personal favorites that I captured this year.

Here's to the future, and all the perfect things it brings for us all.