Thursday, May 24, 2012

Supporting the arts...

I am a true supporter of the underdog, small businesses, self starters, people...I'm sorry ARTISTS that can look fear in the face and laugh, cause THEY KNOW they have at least TRIED living, and given it their best shot!

I love surrounding myself with those type of people. They make me try harder, push myself, they inspire. Cause I. I am an underdog.

Where am I going with this ::day dreaming myself in a cape soaring::....ahhhh yes ARTISTS.

Susan. Gosh she's fantastic. A truer then true artist. A mom of 3, a dreamer, a wife, an artist. Well and I'm blessed to call her family!

Recently she asked for my assistance with coming up with a Cover Photo for her businesses Facebook page, for Good Little Things. I LOVE her work, I buy her work, wish I had the patience to learn what she knows, or even more time in my own life to pick that creative fashion brain of hers. She's a delight, and her work lives and breaths her personality.

Check out what I came up with....and PLEASE take a moment to click the link down below to like her page, check out her work, and sit an awe as I do clicking from piece to piece. So beautiful!

I knew she was in the works of launching her own personal company website. A chance to branch out on her own, establish EVEN MORE of a name for herself. Lovely. So as I sit last night with my two year old passed out draped across my lap, I hear my cell phone message ::ding ding ding:: She's ready to launch, and needs my help. GAME ON......

For this design I stuck with the same look for her header, just added just a hint more of color to make her site pop. Check out her fresh new site and pieces for sale, you won't be disappointed....

So...cheers to a fellow underdog...SOAR ON SUSAN SOAR ON!!!!

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