Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year in Review

I have been photographing people for over 14 years. Friends, family, kids, adults, high school seniors, strangers, bands, etc. Any time I had the opportunity to capture said photos, a thrill would come over me, hard to even put words to the rush of feelings. The passion is part of me, it's a large portion of what I'm made up of.

So in January of 2011 I decided I wanted my love of photography & graphic design to reach more people, more families. A chance to fill their homes with memories of their kids, and their families growing. New love with engagements, seniors before high school becomes just a memory, and everything in between.

I'm not going to lie, making extra money on the side is a beautiful perk,
but not the ONLY reason I do it.

One of my favorite part of my parents home is their photos. Their ENTIRE hallway in their home is made up of their memories. And when I say entire, I MEAN IT. Floor to ceiling their hallway is covered with old photos, new photos, vintage photos of my grandparents and great grand parents. Awful school photos of myself with a hairdo I probably INSISTED on doing myself, cause clearly my Mom wouldn't of let me walked out the house like that for school photos if she had done my hair. I hope that some day I can share the love of these photos with my son (when he "gets it"). Show him how much these memories have meant to me, and the importance of holding onto good times in your life, NO MATTER the awful hairdo.

My favorite photo on the wall (I'll have to paint a picture for you) is the one of my folks probably in their first years of marriage, black and white (my favorite), if it was color, I'm sure the sofa their on is an awful orange or green color plaid. My mom's hair is straight to her face and the majority of the space in the photo is taken up my my dad's giant afro. LOVE IT. I see if every time I come out of their bathroom, it's right at my eye level, and I giggle to myself each time I see it. It's my favorite on the wall, probably my most favorite of them ever. Young love, long before us kids were grown, my brother and I might not of even been born yet, when life was more simple. Perfection.

With that being said. When I capture photos now, it's not just for a hobby any more, but to share my love of photography, love of family, cherished memories. Some priceless moments for clients.

As an artist I've learned over the years, that not everyone will love what you love. I've had many new clients in 2012, and even more referrals this year then last. I've watched as families have posted and reposted their favorite photos on facebook, on blogs, and the like. These photos I'm posting below, might not be their favorites, but after going through all 33 sessions I had this year, these were certainly mine. Maybe not for their smile, or the pose, but perfection in my heart.

I CAN NOT thank my clients enough for these opportunities.

My cup runneth over.

Hope every one of you have a happy and safe new year!

- Lauren Ellsworth of Ellsworth Designs


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dohack Contracting

I applaud another close personal friend of mine as he embarks on a new adventure in his life.

Not only will he be a first time Daddy VERY SOON, but something almost as scary as raising a child...A NEW BUSINESS OWNER. 

Below are some logo designs that I put together for Rick and his company.




Happy to say Rick was pleased with all designs and has decided to use OPTION 3.

For any of my readers located in St. Louis, Missouri, looking for a talented, reliable, honest contractor, contact Rick of Dohack Contracting at

Thanks again Rick for letting me be a part of this big step for you and your family. Best wishes on your new endeavor!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A salute to love...

First of all I'd like to point out that I have NO IDEA how this girl did it. She planned an entire wedding while her, now husband, was serving as a Marine in Afghanistan. Worrying about her love, all while planning a special event for the two of them. No way I could do it.

So this blog is dedicated to love, a sweet girl, a strong Marine, and all the beauty that goes into a successful marriage.

I'm rarely stumped with color, but when meeting the first time with Katie on her invite design ideas, I'll admit it...I had NO idea what Lapis was. In other's purple...HA! But LAPIS is sure a heck of a lot of fun to say. LAPIS LAPIS LAPIS!

Timing was EVERYTHING on planning their day. So much, that when coming up with a design, we had all agreed that there was NO WAY we could put a date/time on their printed piece. There was about a two week window on when Tim would be returned to his love and exchange their vows. So not knowing when their exact day would be, we had to go with a more simple approach, leave a spot to write it in. Lucky for them, I was NOT writing this in (eeeeek...horrible hand writing), but a family member.

Our next challenge, the RSVP. If you've ever been a part of, planned a wedding, or seen someone go through it. The hardest part is getting those YES and/or NO's responses in a timely fashion. Now on top of that, put a unknown exact wedding date/time and your adding fuel to the wedding stress fire. With the military on our side, we were able to put a spin on the importance of responding. I think our twist was well put.

Thank you's are in order when planning such a time crunched event. In sticking with the purple...errr LAPIS color scheme, below are THANK YOU table tents that were placed on the tables throughout their reception location.

Thank you Katie & Tim for allowing me to design some very special pieces for your beautiful day. Happy to hear it all went perfectly. A salute you and your family on a job well done. Best wishes to you both as you continue your adventure away from home in California.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bless that sweet baby...

I've had the joy of calling this family my DEAR friends for some time now. Not only was I honored to shoot newborn photos of their son when he joined the world, I was extremely blessed to have the opportunity to design his baptism invitations.

Mom's idea was Noah's Ark for her little man's special event. Check out the cuteness that I created below. EEEEK Precious!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Supporting the arts...

I am a true supporter of the underdog, small businesses, self starters, people...I'm sorry ARTISTS that can look fear in the face and laugh, cause THEY KNOW they have at least TRIED living, and given it their best shot!

I love surrounding myself with those type of people. They make me try harder, push myself, they inspire. Cause I. I am an underdog.

Where am I going with this ::day dreaming myself in a cape soaring::....ahhhh yes ARTISTS.

Susan. Gosh she's fantastic. A truer then true artist. A mom of 3, a dreamer, a wife, an artist. Well and I'm blessed to call her family!

Recently she asked for my assistance with coming up with a Cover Photo for her businesses Facebook page, for Good Little Things. I LOVE her work, I buy her work, wish I had the patience to learn what she knows, or even more time in my own life to pick that creative fashion brain of hers. She's a delight, and her work lives and breaths her personality.

Check out what I came up with....and PLEASE take a moment to click the link down below to like her page, check out her work, and sit an awe as I do clicking from piece to piece. So beautiful!

I knew she was in the works of launching her own personal company website. A chance to branch out on her own, establish EVEN MORE of a name for herself. Lovely. So as I sit last night with my two year old passed out draped across my lap, I hear my cell phone message ::ding ding ding:: She's ready to launch, and needs my help. GAME ON......

For this design I stuck with the same look for her header, just added just a hint more of color to make her site pop. Check out her fresh new site and pieces for sale, you won't be disappointed....

So...cheers to a fellow underdog...SOAR ON SUSAN SOAR ON!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old is NEW again

Awhile ago when my sister-in-law got engaged, one thing was certain, she wanted to use part of her mom's veil. Somehow incorporate pieces of it into her special day. I thought this was glorious.

Then I realized she was asking me to help. Sure. Sure. Sure. Then the nerves sit in. I think I asked at least 3x's if she was certain what she wanted, considering I was about to take scissors to almost a 40 year old veil. The answer was always the same. YES.

I decided if I was going to be able to do this, I need to set one week of my time aside to focus on this. A whole week...ha, that's a lot of time in my world.

So there I sat armed with a glass of wine, a pair of sharp scissors and this veil, floor length, lots of tulle, and lace sewn from one side to the other. The first cut ::gasp:: is the hardest.

This wasn't normal lace, you know like something you'd see these days. There were gaps, and holes, with it's pattern, made it very difficult and painful to try to hot glue these together. I'm pretty sure I have no finger print left on my pointer finger.

Nerves, hot glue pain, NO idea what design to go with. So worth it, so so so worth it.

Design 1...

Design 2....

& The final  (and my favorite) Design 3...

I got the opportunity to go with the bride to see which one she picked with her final fitting of her wedding dress. I couldn't of matched the design to her dress more if I tried. I'm not going to reveal which one she went with. You'll just have to stay tuned for her special day in April to see it on the bride herself.

I'm so excited how all of them turned out, and have now been inspired to try some more fabric jewelry designs. Thanks Erin, it was a pleasure, and thanks for the opportunity to push myself in a new creative way!