Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweet Baby G.

I had a lovely opportunity to capture pictures of Baby G. Not only just a few hours after he was welcomed into this this world, but also a week later in his home. It's amazing how quickly they change in just a few days.

What can I say. He is uniquely beautiful. With his detailed features. I just love when little baby boys look like little old men. So full of personality at just the ripe age of 7 days. Hope mommy is prepared to fight the girls off, cause he's a looker!

There's so much love for this little guy. Mom and Dad, quickly fell into their rolls of perfect parents. 

And look at that, BABY G. already knows how to flex those muscles. Impressive little guy!

I can't wait to watch this adorable cutie grow into a little man. BIG Thanks to the H. Family for allowing me to capture some memories of your precious family! It was a pleasure! 

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