Monday, January 23, 2012

I hear family wedding bells.

It's very hard to wrap my head around the idea of my sister-in-law getting married. When I first started dating her brother...she was 9...NINE YEARS OLD. And come April she'll be on her way to becoming a beautiful bride/wife.

I feel old. Yuck.

I remember it like yesterday, trying to play the "cool" girlfriend, because I always wanted a little sister SOOO BAD. 10 Years and some odd months ago I married her brother. And now...I'm designing Erin's wedding shower invites.

Time. Goes. WAY TOO FAST!!!

I love, correction, was honored to be able to design both of Erin's wedding shower invites. We are a part of a large family. I don't know that one location could house all the woman that make up both her mom and dad's sides....there's oh so many of them. It would be one heck of a party, anyways...moving on.

With having 2 completely different showers, as an artist I was overly ecstatic that I was able to run with 2 completely different looks. Ahhhhhhh a designers DREAM!!!

For shower invite 1...we went with simple, yet elegant.

AND..shower invite 2...I was excited to be able to incorporate one of Erin & Steve's engagement photos in the design, along with beauty and a THEME - hearts and lots of LOVE.

Both unique and equally a joy to design.

Stay tuned for closer to April, for the revealing of Erin's Wedding Program I'm working on. And hopefully by then, I will have gotten over the fact that she's not a kid anymore. BUT I'm not making any promises! :)


  1. Firstly, the work is gorgeous of course. Secondly, Kait was 9 (or there about)when I started dating Justin. Now look at her! Where has the time gone?!?