Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A salute to love...

First of all I'd like to point out that I have NO IDEA how this girl did it. She planned an entire wedding while her, now husband, was serving as a Marine in Afghanistan. Worrying about her love, all while planning a special event for the two of them. No way I could do it.

So this blog is dedicated to love, a sweet girl, a strong Marine, and all the beauty that goes into a successful marriage.

I'm rarely stumped with color, but when meeting the first time with Katie on her invite design ideas, I'll admit it...I had NO idea what Lapis was. In other words...it's purple...HA! But LAPIS is sure a heck of a lot of fun to say. LAPIS LAPIS LAPIS!

Timing was EVERYTHING on planning their day. So much, that when coming up with a design, we had all agreed that there was NO WAY we could put a date/time on their printed piece. There was about a two week window on when Tim would be returned to his love and exchange their vows. So not knowing when their exact day would be, we had to go with a more simple approach, leave a spot to write it in. Lucky for them, I was NOT writing this in (eeeeek...horrible hand writing), but a family member.

Our next challenge, the RSVP. If you've ever been a part of, planned a wedding, or seen someone go through it. The hardest part is getting those YES and/or NO's responses in a timely fashion. Now on top of that, put a unknown exact wedding date/time and your adding fuel to the wedding stress fire. With the military on our side, we were able to put a spin on the importance of responding. I think our twist was well put.

Thank you's are in order when planning such a time crunched event. In sticking with the purple...errr LAPIS color scheme, below are THANK YOU table tents that were placed on the tables throughout their reception location.

Thank you Katie & Tim for allowing me to design some very special pieces for your beautiful day. Happy to hear it all went perfectly. A salute you and your family on a job well done. Best wishes to you both as you continue your adventure away from home in California.

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