Thursday, August 4, 2011

A boy and his lolli

When it comes to having a toddler myself, I have learned as a mom that I am NOT above small bribes. For example. Will I promise my son a sticker if he's on his best behavior just to get through the grocery store to find something for dinner? Oh you bet'cha.

I love a photography challenge, especially with kids. They make me push myself that much harder creatively, from running down the street losing my flip flops in hopes to capture that ONE smile they decide to crack. It keeps you on your toes, but it's a rush I wouldn't trade for anything.

Meet Gavin. My most recent cutie photo challenge.

We tried a skateboard, and although a sweet picture, I knew this boy had more to give.

Second attempt...a car for him to ride around on. Is that a small smurk I see little man? We're getting closer!


I wasn't giving up on this day, on my way to the session, I made a quick stop for some water, and thought, maybe it would be a good idea for an emergency backup plan.

SUGAR. It might be a sticky mess, but kids love it, and is almost a foil proof plan, you will in fact, get a smile out of a kid, even with a small amount of it. And in this case...a lollipop. A simple lollipop saved the day.

Gavin, you were a trooper on this hot day, and were probably a sticky mess for your mom to clean up. BUT, you are truly as sweet as the lollipop it took to crack a grin.
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