Monday, July 25, 2011

Going to the Chapel...and Tuhh-daaaa...their married

It's been over a year of planning, lots of love, and stress that comes with planning anything - even more with weddings. And quickly before you know it, it's over. Or should we say it finally begins.


Not only was I a part of my brother's wedding party this weekend, I had the honor of working on all of Dave & Amanda's wedding stationary for their beautiful event. . Each piece was uniquely given it's own look, yet all tied together in some way, from color to fonts.

I won't lie, weddings are A LOT of work. But I'm such a hopeless romantic, I get all warm inside when someone comes to me to work on their wedding pieces. I get to help the bride and groom come up with an idea, and help grow it into something beautiful.


Wedding Shower

Wedding Invite
Wedding Program

Wedding Favors
- Lemonade Packets 
"A Perfect Mix of Love"

Thanks Amanda & Dave for allowing me to be a part of your special day, in more ways then one.

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