Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have a thing for rain boots...

They seem to be appearing a lot in my photo sessions lately. I just can't get enough of them. So many colors and patterns. It's like a piece of personality in a rubber boot.

At first mention to Brook the ideas I had ($5.00 sparkle dresses from Goodwill I found and couldn't pass up, and rain boots) for the photo session with her cousin, she seemed a bit nervous, maybe even scared. 

BUT as you can see, within 10 minutes, these girls were right on their way to finding their groove. And what a fun day we had. The lone laundry washer that was at the 'mat this day, thanked us for the great entertainment we gave him, as we all giggled onto our next location.

What an adventure we had. Brook with her eyes peeled as we headed south, spotted this gem. Although the side of the road that we found it on, butted up to a driveway. After a bit of coaxing, and the lady looking disappointed when I asked if we could use as a photo prop, and I didn't actually want to PURCHASE her old truck, she came around, and I'm thankful she did.

The weather ended up being so great for us, considering in the morning it looked like the sky was going to open up (yet again) and eat us alive. My prayers were answered, even if was a bit more hot then expected, a little sweat never hurt anyone.

Due to past couple weeks of lovely rain in St. Louis, kept us from an abandoned house we were bound for. The road was flooded out. I rolled up my pants, the girls put on their boots again, and we were going to attempt to wade across the flooded road for said house, with a change of clothes in hand. Then this little adult started to scream inside my head, as the flash of me floating down the river (with my camera being held above my head...cause well we know what's important in that situation). I don't know where that voice came from, but I decided to listen...this time.

Instead the delightfully old bridge in Kimswick, in front of the flooded road made the next best photo opp, followed by beautiful stone walls. 

We ended our photo adventure in a little know field I've become good friends with (or maybe with the people that live in front of it), to play with some balloons and some large hats, to top off a phenomenal photo session on Saturday afternoon.

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